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Pickup Repair and Rewinding:

If you have a dead passive single coil style pickup from Stratocaster or Telecaster that is in need of repair, I might be able to help.  Typical problems encountered would be things like a bad solder connection or a broken coil wire from the coil to the leads, or it might be a broken wire inside the pickup coil.  

I will perform rewinds services, providing the pickup is in good physical condition and I can determine to a reasonable degree of accuracy the vintage specifications of the pickup in terms of the type of wire, output, magnetic and electrical polarity, etc.  There is no point in me trying to guess, either I can figure it out or I won’t do it, because it won’t sound the same as what was there originally.  Examples of pickups that are not in acceptable enough condition to rewind are found in the ‘57 Tele neck and bridge pickups above.


Also provided are vacuum potting services for pickups that are either microphonic because the pickup was unpotted when manufactured or insufficiently potted for your style of playing. Degree of potting can vary depending on the requirements of the situation, but can never be reversed.  

Magnet Charge Adjustments:

The level of charge in Strat and Tele Alnico magnets affects the inductance (output level) of the pickup.  Adjustments can be made to a pickup’s magnet down to where there is no output or up to the capacity of the specific type of Alnico magnet’s ability to take a charge.  This can repair the damage to a pickup that has lost some of its charge because it was placed too close to the permanent magnets of a speaker in an amp as an example.

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“. . .the only choice for my guitars - and I have a few of them! I recently had my Japanese Strat rebuilt and opted for a set of Jim's hand crafted pick ups. Best decision I've made since deciding to watch the Blues Brothers movie…”

John (Ottawa)

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