Custom Wound Pickups

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**Jeff Hagerman**
Signature Series
SSC-H50HN Pickups!

  • Bevelled and Non-Bevelled MagnetsStaggered Pole or Flat Pole
  • Pickups Taped for ProtectionOptional Vintage Cloth Insulation
  • Left Handed Vintage Staggered an OptionThe Proof is in the Playing!
  • The Original Winder
  • The New CNC Winder

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**Dan Deslauriers**
Signature Series
HB-RNS/JZN Pickup Set!

If my pickups don’t look like they were fabricated in a factory in the Pacific Rim, it’s because they weren’t.  All my pickup models are made with pride right here in Ottawa, by me.  I build by hand to tone specifications players have told me they want to hear.  (No shipping, local pickup only).

And if you’re worried about the fact that I don’t play as well as Eric Clapton, don’t be, I understand Leo Fender wasn’t much of a player either.